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How to Look Sophisticated When Wearing Faux Fur

Unfortunately, faux fur tends to have negative connotations. Well, at least amongst the snobs it does, and as many of us are snobs, that means many people see it as less sophisticated. It’s seen as a pale imitation to fur.


Fortunately, this is changing. Fur is no longer seen in the positive light it once was. This is because we have evolved and are much more caring towards animals than we have been at other points in our history. For this reason, it’s actually frowned upon to wear fur, and so many people are moving towards faux fur.


Still, faux fur does have some negative connotations. Only nowadays, it’s more to do with the way you wear it and with your choice of coat than it is to do with any classism that might still exist.


Fortunately, there are ways that can help you to appear more sophisticated when wearing faux fur. Today, we are going to explore some top tips to help you pull this look off in style. 


Tip 1: Go for a Neutral Colour

It’s common to see bright neon fur coats nowadays. These are great if you belong to certain social circles, such as the fashionista or the arts movements. Here, you're allowed to show off your own unique style without being subject to critique. However, if you walk around a typical British town (one that isn’t renowned for its art), then you can look hugely out of place.


If you want to avoid looking too “in your face” and consequently less sophisticated to some people’s minds, then stick to the neutral colours. For example, you can’t go wrong with a grey faux fur jacket. With the more expensive jackets, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between faux fur and genuine fur.


Tip 2: Use the Fur as an Accent

Rather than going all out with your fur coat, you can tone it down a little. This will make it more sophisticated and help you blend in better. It will draw less attention to you, but the attention you get will be subtle and sophisticated.


To use fur as an accent, choose a jacket that only sports a little bit of fur. For example, a grey faux fur jacket where only the collar and the cuffs are made of fur.


Tip 3: Buy a High Quality Coat

Much of the difference between whether an item looks sophisticated or garish generally rests on quality. Lower quality clothing is generally evident – you can see clearly that it’s a low quality.


For example, the stitching may be loose, the choice of material may be poor and feel odd against the skin, and the colours may be less natural than they could be.


Conversely, you can tell when something is of a good quality too. It is cut in a way that fits well against the frame and so flatters the body. The material looks good and the colours have been well thought through.


You can buy a decent quality coat for as little as £60. For some of you, this will be expensive, but it should be possible to save up, and it’s well worth it because the coats will last much longer too.


How to Wear Shorts as Fashion

One of the most difficult styles of clothing to wear as a fashionable woman is shorts. They're so easy to get wrong and they can throw your proportions out massively. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that the fashionista employ when wearing this style of clothes. Today, we are going to impart some of this knowledge to you, so that you too can bask in what can be an awesome choice of fashion.


Can You Really Wear Shorts?

First of all, anyone can wear shorts. We’re all about equal opportunity. Unfortunately, the fact is that some people look better in shorts than other people do and it tends to have to do with how long and svelte their legs are. The taller and slimmer you are, the more likely you are to pull this look off well. You don’t have to be a super skinny size 0, but anything above a size 16 is probably something you want to avoid.


If you do decide to wear shorts, you should make sure that your pins are in tip-top condition. This means shaving and moisturising your legs to give them a healthy glow. There’s nothing worse than going out in your frilly shorts and feeling awesome, only to notice half way through the day that you have a massive tuft of fur on your shin! (And, yes, this happened to me. Way back in my youth when I could still wear shorts).


Should You Pair with Tights?

If you look to the fashionista, such as Kate Moss, you'll notice that they wear tights with shorts when wearing flat shoes, but tend to leave their legs on show when wearing their shorts with higher boots. This is the right way to wear this style.


If you show off too much bare flesh (unless it’s a sweltering day or your somewhere appropriate, like the beach, or on holiday), then it can come across as a little OTT. It’s just too much and it gives people the impression that you may be trying too hard to gain attention. Wearing a pair of tights – even sheer tights, will help eliminate this. Plus, a pair of sheer tights will help to stop any wobbling you might have going on.


Wearing shorts with tall boots and bare skin is super sexy though. It offers just the right level of allure that people don’t think you're trying too hard, but it also captivates their attention. If you look at Kate Moss, she wears this look A LOT, and it’s awesome.


What About Your Top?

The trick with this style is to balance the outfit. Because you're drawing attention to your legs, you should avoid also drawing attention to your bust and shoulders. Here, wear a plain t-shirt or a vest with a cardigan. This will create the perfect balance between your frilly shorts and the rest of your outfit. The look is one that’s relaxed, laidback, but ultra-sexy. It’s the perfect look for spring and summer.


Top Tips to Help You Buy the Perfect Puffer Jacket/Coat This Season

Puffer coats have been slowly entering the mainstream fashion conscience for a while now, but this year, they seem to be everywhere. If you're thinking about buying this style of coat, then you should read this article. Today, we are going to help you to make the right choices when buying a puffer.


Get the Length Right

This type of coat comes in three different lengths: short, medium, and long. The choice depends on your body type, height, and personal preference, but here are a few things to consider:


  1. Short coats are great for showing off the female form. The fact that they don’t reach beyond the bottom means that you can show off your legs. The bottom of the coat provides a contrast between your top and bottom half, and so naturally emphasises your femininity.


Short coats suit everybody. The only downside that they have is that they can be a little cold in winter. This winter looks to be shaping up for a cold one, so perhaps think carefully about this size coat – although it does mean you'll be able to wear it into spring, and also next autumn.


  1. Medium coats are extremely difficult to wear if you're short. They “cut” the frame below the bottom, so it can make your legs appear especially short, which in turn makes you look shorter, and unfortunately, podgier.


Medium sized coats are best for people with longer legs and shorter torsos, or who are particularly tall.


  1. Long coats are again great for showing off the female form. They suit everyone too, but they need to be a particular length – the ideal is just above the knee. Choose a puffer coat that sports a belt so that you can draw it in at the waist and make sure that you really are showing off the female form, and not creating a “frumpy” style.


To Fur or Not to Fur

Well, in terms of real fur, we would have to say “no”. It’s frowned upon and particularly cruel. However, as far as faux fur puffers, they are bang on trend this year. The only thing that you really need to consider here is the colour. The traditional fur colours (grey, white, brown, and black) are becoming old hat – people are bored. It’s fun to venture out a little and choose a fun colour. There are some great colours about this year, so do have a look around.


You do have to be a little bold to wear the brighter colours, but they’re fun, and they make a great addition to the festive period and bring a bit of colour to winter.


Belted or Not

If you choose to buy a medium or long coat, then you really need some sort of belt or it needs to draw in at the waist. Personally, we prefer the coats that have a natural hourglass figure and don’t require the belt. Nonetheless, the belts are a great way for you to create a slimmer and more svelte look, which is important when wearing any type of puffer, including faux fur puffers, because they are bulky and tend to create a more masculine appearance if you aren’t careful.

When Faux Isn’t Fake

The fashion industry is often a victim of its own success. As soon as some brilliant designer reveals their latest masterpiece on the cat walk, copies will be in mass production within days.


The original designer will call them fakes. But is that fair when the same cut and material is used? The UK along with many other countries consider fakes as illegal and it’s usually the job of customs officials to confiscate them.



Most of us have bought some fake goods on holidays in countries without the same control. Sometimes these copies are so good we cannot even tell the difference.



Another confusion is the use of the word faux. Faux is another word for fake so when we see something like a grey faux fur jacket for sale, does that mean it’s a fake?

Well, no it doesn’t. It’s just letting us know that the fur trim is not from any animal but is a synthetic replica.


So, fake and faux have completely different meanings and selling anything under the title of faux is not to be confused with fake.


On holiday in Turkey the open clothing market will be filled with traders calling out the words, genuine fake, special offer.


Now these goods may be something completely different. They may be exactly in every way the same as the genuine goods. This is because a lot of the UK high street brands have their handbags, clothes and shoes made in and around Istanbul. Labour is cheap and Turkey is physically neighbouring the EU.


The goods are just over production or otherwise known as goods from the nightshift. Even more than clothing, leather handbags are the most popular with tourists. One brand that retails in the UK for close to a thousand pounds can be bought in Turkey for less than one hundred pounds.


Not even HM customs would recognise these as fakes and the only missing item is a certificate that in the UK high street shops would be inside the bag.

The Sexy Off The Shoulder Look

Although it is a little late to think about summer fashion, you may still want to buy pieces for an upcoming holiday or to lay down a foundation for next year.


If you buy now you could be spending less money because of end of season sales. They are way cheaper than normal and if you look on the internet you could find cheaper items still.




Have you ever thought about an Off The Shoulder Frill Crop Top for instance? They look great in the summer months with cut off trousers or shorts.


If you are not in the flush of youth, you could still carry the look off if you wear a longer top underneath. In cooler holiday destinations at this time of the year it is probably warmer to wear them this way anyway.


It is fair to say that they have been popular for two summers now and they will be on the scene next year too.


These tops are ideal for casual wear. The simple fact that when both shoulders, or at least one of them, are on show will create an elongated neckline. With a sun kissed body they are sexy and flirty when teamed up with a maxi or mini skirt or the aforementioned trousers.


If both shoulders are visible, you could go for an elasticated neckline which will create a frilly look which will suit casual daywear perfectly. A cropped version of this will be cooler and prevent you being covered with too much fabric.


These tops should fit snugly around your shoulders and bust. You do not want to have any mishaps when wearing them.  It could be embarrassing.  Alternatively, they could fit loosely so long as the bottom part fits securely.


Keep your jewellery simple at the neckline but if you have body adornments like a belly stud too that will fit in perfectly with this style if you are young. If you need more ideas on how to wear off the shoulder garments, the internet is a fount of information.


If you are after an Off The Shoulder Frill Crop Top look no further than http://dressedinlucy.com/.



Take The Dress Plunge

If you have a fuller figure on top, there is no reason why you can’t wear a plunged neckline. I know, when you see them being modelled on a stick thin woman there is nothing on show when you bend down to pick something up.



If you need a Plunge Prom Dress there are things you can do to keep people from looking down your cleavage.  All you need to do is to buy some tape that is especially designed to keep the dress in place.  This will stop the dress from gaping, thus averting embarrassment.


Alternatively, you could invest in some decent underwear.  There are plunge bras on the market too and they will do the same thing.


The thing is, a low neckline is fashionable and it will make you look taller and slimmer simply because you elongate your neckline by baring more skin.


When shopping for such a dress you have to make time to try a few on to see whether they are not too tight. If you have to worm yourself in a garment that is too tight, the overall effect will be ruined immediately because of excessive bulging in inappropriate places.


There are many different necklines available in this style.  You will have to see which one suits your figure best.  If, for instance you have a round face, a V-neck style will suit better as it will balance out the overall look.


When you have found the right cut, you have to ensure that you keep your accessories simple.  After all you have chosen this style to show off your cleavage and you do not want to detract from this by teaming it up with heavy strings of jewellery.


You may also find that if you choose a longer dress that the overall effect will be more stunning unless you have legs that go on forever.  If the latter is true, you could wear high heels to make your legs seem even longer.


If you are looking for a Plunge Prom Dress, it is available from http://dressedinlucy.com/.




Give Wearing Crop Tops Some Thought

There are certain things that you may think you are past wearing and may be perceived being mutton dressed as lamb when you are past a certain age.



Not so, it is not what you wear but how you wear it. This is even true of Off The Shoulder Crop Tops. Obviously you do not want to relive your youth and for this reason you may not want to show a bare midriff.


It is entirely possible to wear such a garment without showing your belly button.  All you have to do is to look at styles and what material it is made of. If you are in that certain age bracket you may just want to keep it simple and not choose frilly styles.  


All you have to look for is a good fabric.  If you feel it is still too short, you may just want to layer the look and wear something longer underneath.


If you are young you do not have to be stick thin to be able to wear these garments.  You will just have to pick more carefully if you are a little chunky.  The last thing you want is for your tummy to hang over your skirt with some skin showing.


We are all different sizes and shapes and there will be a style out there that suits you. If it’s hot you want to stay cool and a short version of a T-shirt will stop you from overheating.


You will soon find out if you look online you will not have to bear your midriff if you don’t want to as there are tops of different lengths.  The best length is the one that hits your waistline.  You could pair it with a skirt with a high waistband so that your top and skirt look ultra-feminine on you.


You could even wear your top under overalls or sleeveless dresses with a low neckline.  This way you do not have to show off you perhaps less than perfect waistline.


Off The Shoulder Crop Tops are available from http://dressedinlucy.com/.